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fire cable clips

Fire Cable Clips - LSZH 

     Cable Fire Clips & Saddles made from copper chamfer edge strip –    

     BS C101

    Cable clips are manufactured by Dip Coated technique which ensures a             softer edge so as not to cut or damage the fire cable.      

CSA Coated Cable Clips contain NO HALOGENS essential for use with LSZH Fire Cables.

P- Clips and Saddle Clips are available in Red, White and Black colors. Also available in Pink and Orange as per customer demand.

Copper Cable Clips with LSZH

         Coating complies to:-

                       BS476 Pt.5 Ignitability

                        BS476 Pt.6 Fire Propagation

                        BS476 Pt.7 Surface Spread of Flame

          UL94 Vertical Burn Test                         

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